Doug Connery Award

Celebrating leadership excellence honouring exemplary passion, commitment and dedication to advancing the interests of Canada’s horticultural industry

The Doug Connery Award publicly recognizes person(s) who, in the course of their association with the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) and Canada’s horticulture sector, have made outstanding contributions to the improvement and advancement of the industry. The award was created in 2012 in honour of the late Doug Connery, a Past President and driving force behind CHC who suffered an untimely passing in 2011.

Previous recipients

2021 - Jocelyn St-Denis
2020 - Tracey Shinners-Carnelley
2019 - Murray Porteous
2018 - John MacDonald
2017 - Gary Linkletter
2016 - Claude Laniel
2015 - Marcus Janzen
2014 - Joe Sardinha
2013 - Ken Forth
2012 - Keith Kuhl
2012 - Steve Levasseur

Evaluation criteria

  • Innovative Contributions
  • National Impact
  • Provincial Impact
  • Local/Regional Impact
  • International Impact (as applicable)
  • Service to Horticulture
  • Lasting Influence
  • Contributions should have been made beyond the local / regional level

Nominations must include

  1. A complete biography of the individual
    This should include: full name, date and place of birth and other pertinent information, as well as career, personal characteristics, awards / honours and the accomplishments of the nominee.
  2. Letter/s of endorsement.
    These letters should come from individuals and organizations with which the individual was involved and should include knowledge of specific accomplishments of the individual. When more than one person is included in a nomination, all persons so included should be treated as individuals and documentation submitted should support the induction of all those included in the nomination.
  3. A current, quality photograph must be available upon selection.
    Any digital photographs should be a minimum of 300 dpi. The photograph can be provided to CHC after the individual has been selected for the award.

  • Nominator's information

  • I/we submit the following name to the Board of Directors for their consideration as a candidate for the Doug Connery Award. I/we feel that they meet your criteria as someone who deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions to the welfare and improvement of Canada’s horticulture sector and the Canadian Horticultural Council.
  • Nominee information

  • Supporting materials

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