Election 2021

On September 20, Canadians will elect a new federal government. This newly elected government will be making policy decisions that will impact fruit and vegetable growers. It is essential that our voices are heard during the election period.

Farmers have the ability to affect decisions. While there are people and groups, like CHC, who are working on their behalf, the best way to get a candidate’s attention is for them to hear directly from voters.

We all have a job to do during this election period. It is our collective responsibility to raise the issues that are important to our industry. This is our opportunity to engage with candidates about the policies that impact us.

For more details or to learn more about our election campaign and how farmers can get involved, please contact Jordan Boswell, Policy Manager, at JBoswell@hortcouncil.ca or 613-226-4880 x209.

For more information

please contact Rebecca Lee, Executive Director.