Crop Protection

Fruit and vegetable growers rely on a wide range of crop protection strategies, such as integrated pest management plans and government-approved pesticides, to ensure the health of crops, the safety of Canadians, and Canada’s overall food security.

Plant health, biosecurity and up-to-date pest risk assessments are all key components to market access and are important to the protection of the environment. The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) develops and advances crop protection management policies and programs that support market access and that promote the economic viability and competitiveness of Canada’s fruit and vegetable growers, while providing safe, healthy food to consumers across Canada.

Current Advocacy Activities

CHC continues to advocate on behalf of growers via the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)’s process for the re-evaluation of crop protection products, and to advocate for improvements to the policies that guide the PMRA’s regulatory decisions.

CHC continues to support the PMC’s Minor Use Pesticide Programand pesticide risk reduction activities.

CHC hosts an annual crop protection tour to show the PMRA and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Pest Management Centre (PMC) firsthand how pesticides are used by fruit and vegetable growers. The tour is funded by CHC and is grower-led and focused.

CHC continues to advocate for the harmonization of many aspects of the pesticide regulatory system, including maximum residue limits and joint international reviews. For more information, visit our web page on Non-tariff Trade Barriers.

Previous Advocacy Activities

In September 2017, CHC participated in the 3rdGlobal Minor Use Summit and the Global Minor Use Priority Setting workshops, which took place in Montreal. Attendees from 30 countries discussed international cooperation, MRLs, incentives, crop grouping, communication, capacity building, and regulatory assessments.

In the last few years, CHC has provided to the PMRA actual use data for a variety of pesticides, covering a wide range of commodity groups. The data was collected via surveys that CHC managed and distributed to growers across Canada. The survey data has enabled the PMRA to revise some of its risk evaluations and related registration decisions.

In November 2017, CHC participated in the NAFTA Technical Working Group on Pesticides, held in Mexico. Government, industry, and grower representatives presented and discussed harmonization (Maximum Residue Limits and regulation), minor use programs, environmental issues, and trade between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

CHC, together with the Pest Management Centre, helped to facilitate and coordinate activities and information sharing on two new invasive alien pests: the spotted wing drosophila and brown marmorated stink bug.

Related Initiatives

Responsible Committee

The Crop Protection Committee advises CHC on all pesticide and crop protection-related matters.

For more information

For more information, please contact Caleigh Hallink-Irwin, Crop Protection Manager.