Apple and Fruit Working Group

Canadian fruit growers produce a wide variety of fruit across the country. Despite the diversity of fruit and regions, certain issues affect all types of fruit. These issues include pesticide regulations, labour, and trade barriers. Members of the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC)'s Apple and Fruit Working Group collectively discuss and decide upon key issues and strategies for the coming year. Within this Working Group, the Apple Working Group and the Blueberry Working Group work with CHC staff and government agencies to advance issues affecting the production of those crops.

The Apple and Fruit Working Group is comprised of CHC members who produce, pack, ship, and process fruit, as well as representatives from federal and provincial governments.

Chair: Brian Gilroy
Blueberry Co-Chair: John Handrahan
Berry Vice-Chair: Lisa Craig

Tender Fruit Co-Chair: Phil Tregunno
Grape Co-Chair: Matthias Oppenlaender